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I have always had an interest in fashion and enjoyed creative activities but a busy life, career and family life meant that it was only ever a brief 'me time' activity. Lockdown in 2020 gave me the time and opportunity to begin a whirlwind path to pursue a passion beyond my wildest dreams!

I have been fortunate to have received tutoring from a number of prestigious milliners, both in person at  Millinery Studios in London, and virtual which has enabled me to develop and hone my skills.

During my first year based at the studios I have had the pleasure  of helping a great number of wonderful clients to complete their special day outfits. I have exhibited at wedding shows and was delighted to have been shortlisted and WON the New Wedding Business of the Year at the Essex Wedding Awards! 

 In March 2023 one of my designs was chosen to be displayed at an international millinery exhibition 'Over the Top' organised by the Spanish Millinery Association in Barcelona. I was delighted to have been able to attend and meet some wonderful, hugely talented milliners from around the world!

Pink Theme Bouquet

My Story

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My Ethos


I believe we all deserve to be confident and feel beautiful.


For many of us getting our outfit just right plays a large part in making us feel amazing.

My passion is all about helping you to enjoy the excitement and anticipation that a special occasion brings and give you confidence to enjoy the day to the full.

My elegant creations can be bought as displayed or made bespoke to your colour or design variations to add that wonderful finishing touch to your outfit. 

I started out titling my creations around songs by strong and confident 80's female pop icons - because lets face it.......

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!! 

As my range has grown I moved on through the decades.



I am a keen champion of sustainability and strive to make my business as environmentally responsible as possible. This is why I decided to offer a hire service as selling an item to be worn on just one occasion is an inherent challenge.



Most of my designs are made from sinamay, a delicate mesh like material made sustainably from the stalks of the Abaca plant native to The Philappines. The Abaca fibres are handwoven by individuals or families working together in small cooperatives.

I have sourced a sinamay supplier who has built up a long standing and supportive relationship with these cooperatives. This avoid brokers and ensures that fair and better payment goes directly to the producing communities.

I use wooden hat blocks which have been made by small independent crafters or purchase pre-loved vintage blocks.

I aim to use alternatives to plastic products throughout my studio.

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