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Pink Theme Bouquet


Many of us are very self-conscious when it comes to trying on hats and headpieces and can feel a lot of pressure to get it right with a special day outfit. I offer you an individual no obligation consultation in my studio where you can relax and try a wide variety of styles to see what you fall in love with.

Initially we will chat through the general details of the wedding so we can ensure a suitable headpiece for the occasion, styles will be very different for a formal church wedding to a relaxed beach or festival themed wedding.

Wedding Dress

You will need to bring along your dress so we can discuss headpieces that will complement your dress style, pattern, overall silhouette, height and intended hair style.


It’s a very relaxed process where you can try on as many styles as you like as, quite often, a suggested ‘curved ball’ design is a surprizing favourite and becomes the piece of choice so come with an open mind!

Lace Sleeve
Stacked Rolls of Fabric
Paper Color Palette

We then move to colour and whether to match,

compliment or coordinate with accessories,

this will be dependent on your dress fabric and pattern.

Finally we decide on the fixing to the head to ensure a comfortable and secure fit so that your headpiece can be worn effortlessly all day and into the evening.


Fixing options include hat elastic, headbands, combs or clips depending on the headpiece, hair type and your personal preference. The colour of hat elastic or headbands will be chosen to compliment your hair colour to enable it to be concealed and not detract from the overall look.


Once you have decided what you would like and placed your order the headpiece will usually be ready in 4 - 6 weeks (depending on order volumes at the time).

I will contact you to come to the studio for a fitting to make sure you are delighted with the headpiece and it fits comfortably and securely. I advise that you wear it for a while at home before the big day so you are confident with the fit.

I will also give advice on how to wear the headpiece and offer to photograph you during the fitting so you can show this to your hair stylist on the day (avoiding any millinery faux pars in the excitement of getting ready!)   


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